Love Is Mighty.

13 Sep

Love Is Mighty Designer, Monisha Raja.

Love Is Mighty is a very special shoe company that makes 100% handmade, vegan shoes. All of the shoes they make are from the finest fabrics and textiles in India, made by tribal artists who reside in the remote villages of India. As India becomes more and more populated, these tribes and their craft work are being pushed out. Love Is Mighty creator, Monisha Raja was born in India and takes pride in the fact that her company, Love Is Mighty, is helping to sustain these communities for years to come.

Ms. Raja herself has quite the impressive resume. Educated at Parsons in Manhattan, she has worked as a freelance fashion designer for shoe companies such as BCBG and Tory Birch.  She is a well-known and respected artist, her art work has been shown at many galleries and published in prominent publications. Monisha resides in New York City and teaches yoga at various studios. Her mission when she launched Love Is Mighty was to preserve the dying world of indigenous art, her finished products are nothing short of amazing. These shoes do not come cheap but nothing worth it in life does 😉 Love Is Mighty Homepage.

This Is The Devi (Goddess) Sandal. Beautiful.


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