Ultimate Flurry. Cookie Lovers Hi-Protein Shake.

12 Sep

Yeah so this protein shake is ridiculous. While I was farting (not literally) around Vitamin Shoppe looking for the protein pudding one of the guys working there was like ‘yeah the pudding rocks but do you like the way Dairy Queen smells?’  I actually didn’t respond because I was thinking it was a trick question and it caught me way off guard. So he took my silence as a yes and gave me this big 15oz can of ‘Ultimate Flurry Hi-Protein Shake’ Cookie Lovers edition. He then proceeds to tell them that it tastes like a milkshake and that I will love it because it’s the bomb. So I obviously bought it. Took it home and read it over, noticed it had Oreo pieces in it, which is like a slice of heaven to me. Ever since I figured out Oreos are vegan a couple of years ago, a love affair between us has blossomed. Didn’t like them too much as a kid, ate like 10 one time around the age of  5 or 6 at my grandma’s house and spent the night puking. Scared me for 20 something years. Now, forget it we have been reunited and it feels so good 😉

Anyways back to the lecture at hand. This Ultimate Flurry Shake has 40 grams of protein, 220 calories and 5 grams of fat. Low in carbs and low in sugar but most def not low in taste. This shake is ridiculous. It tastes unlike any other protein shake I ever had. Turns out this is a pretty new product and the public is loving it. ANSI who created the ‘Ultimate Flurry’ line of protein products, is the first company to combine the goodness of whey and casein with the goodness of junk foods like Oreos and M&Ms. There are some powder mixes and the ‘Ultimate Flurry’ candy protein bar. I cannot even image how good that thing tastes, when I find one, I will report back. If you have had one please comment and let me know where you found it and how much you loved it.

Best. Tasting. Protein. Ever.

http://www.nutrientscience.com/UltimateFlurryShakes.html This Is What I’m Talking About.


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