Thanks Amy. Or Should We Thank Her Parents?

10 Sep

Amy’s. Amy’s. Amy’s. The old faithful of frozen vegetarian foods. Even before I was vegetarian I saw Amy’s goods everywhere and now as a vegetarian I am beyond thankful for them. Started in 1988, Amy’s is a family run business that makes all vegetarian, all the time. Amy’s parents Rachel and Andy started Amy’s when Amy herself was born. With the arrival of their daughter they realized how hard it was to find time to make healthy meals from scratch. Sensing that there were many other vegetarians out there like them they decided to take action and they put a plan in motion. The first product they released was a vegetarian pot pie and it was a hit. They then started to release more and more frozen entrees and snacks. As of today they offer almost 90 different frozen meals, snacks, treats and pizzas and they can be found in almost every grocery store and even Target.

Amy’s is simply the best at what they do. Everything I have tried by Amy’s I have liked which is saying a lot because as we all know I am super picky. Even though their entress are frozen there is no lack of taste or flavor. They use tons of organic ingredients and never use dairy, eggs, poultry, meat, shellfish or peanuts. They have  extensive selections of gluten-free, reduced sodium and soy cheese options and they never use anything artificial. One of the best thing about Amy’s is that they do use real cheese unless it is listed otherwise and all of the cheese they use is vegetarian, aka rennet free.

From Amy’s Family To Yours. Amy’s Homepage.


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