Fresh Breath For Your Furry Monsters, Naturally.

7 Sep

Dog breath is the worst. I always assumed that dogs just ‘naturally’ had bad breath but once again I was wrong. Dog’s should NOT have bad breath and if they do, it means there is something funky going on in their mouth. By the age of 3, something like 70% of dogs will already show signs of oral disease which is just the beginning of a long list of things that can and will go wrong from there. I just got my ‘middle’ dog’s teeth cleaned for the first time a few weeks ago, expensive as hell but well worth it. It’s amazing how much happier he is with clean teeth.

Anyways, the best way to keep your pets breath and teeth in top shape is to feed them a good quality, crunchy kibble. Wet food is the worst for their teeth,that stuff is why my middle guys teeth were so bad. His previous owners all fed him wet food and that nastiness just stuck to his teeth and gums and caused a mess. It is also true that feeding your dog a vegetarian kibble will make their breath better, it worked for my dogs. I noticed right away that their breath was not as nasty as it was on the holistic chicken based food they used to eat. Brushing your dogs teeth is also an option, they have tons of dog toothbrushes and wipes you can used these days. I know for some dogs that is not an option, 2 of mine don’t really play that. Since I can’t get in there to brush them as I would like, I started throwing some ‘stuff’ in their water a couple of years back. We went through many brands but I noticed that most of them were laced with parabens, artificial colors and other nasty stuff. Thanks but no thanks.

Fortunately for us, our last trip to Pet Goods served us with the goods. There next to the fake blue paraben minty water was…TropiClean. I had never seen it before but was instantly attracted to the word ‘natural’. One look at the ingredients and you know your dogs are safe to use this. Made with all natural ingredients like aloe leaf juice, chlorophyllin and green tea extract, no artificial colors and no parabens. Simply drop a capful into your dogs water dish and your good to go. If your dogs breath is super stank, this is not a miracle worker but it will take some of the edge off. This is a great product manufactured by a great, caring company. All of their bottles are made with recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. All of the ‘sleeves’ on their bottles are made from corn, so they are naturally biodegradable and will not harm the environment. All of their products are made in a USA based manufacturing company from American made products and are soap and detergent free. As if all of that was not enough, they are also a certified cruelty free company through the Leaping Bunny Program. To put it simply, these people rock 😉

Just Say No To Stinky Dog Breath, Naturally. This Is The Product, TropiClean Fresh Breath.


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