The Results Are In…And They Are Of Epidemic Proportions.

3 Sep

The number of Americans who belong to a gym is at an all time high, each year gyms break records with their client numbers. To put it simple, my gym is super expensive (in my opinion) yet it is always busy and client retention seems to be amazing. This is with 4 gyms in a 3 mile radius that all cost 1/3 of what mine does, I can only imagine how crowded those places are. So if everyone and their mom is working out, how come this country’s latest obesity stats are well…unbelievable?

You know there is a friggin problem when a state with ‘only’ 20% of its population being obese wins the competition. Colorado comes in first place, remaining the reining champion of thinness in America with the least amount of obese people in their state. Many contribute this to the fact that Colorado has an abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy and the ideal weather to enjoy them in. I tend to think it is because there is a high number of vegetarians in Colorado and they have some of the best ‘medicinal marijuana’ laws in the country 😉 I kid. I kid. But not really. Now the biggest loser in the battle of the bulge is West Virginia, they are officially crowned the ‘Most Obese State In America’. Not a title to be proud of  but a title no less. West Virginia crushed the competition by having a whopping 34% of its population fitting into the obese category, not far behind are Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee.

I know you are wondering ‘Wow, I wonder where we are heading as a nation?’ So let me tell you. We are heading straight to ‘Heart Attack Heaven’ ladies and gents because by the year 2030, 50% of ALL Americans (not just those in West Virginia and Alabama) will be OBESE. Read it again. Let it sink in and then think about it. We are not talking chubby, thick or even fat, we are taking straight up obese, half of us. Does that scare you as much as it scares me? But if we are all working out at the gym like the numbers say then what is the friggin problem? I know and you know, it’s simply the ‘American Diet’. It is literally KILLING us and it is not even happening slowly, this epidemic shot up out of nowhere over the past 10 years. Obesity hit America like a freight train and no amount of working out will ever null and void the horrible eating habits of most Americans. Gyms are literally making a killing off of people who are chasing the illusion of a thin body yet things are only getting worse.

Obesity Campaign Poster

Obesity Campaign Poster.

I am not a doctor nor a genius but unfortunately it does not take one to see what the heck is going on in America. What we eat is supposed to fill us, lift us up both physically and mentally, yet what we choose to eat weighs us down and literally makes us  ill and unable to function. How can we ever progress as a society if we are totally regressing at the core?

America, Save Yourself. Go Veg.


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