Urban Expressions.

27 Aug

Urban Expressions is an all vegan, eco-friendly maker of wallets, purses, bags and other cute things. This conscious company was formed in 2005 by two childhood friends who went on to study textiles in college. Creators Kyle and Farbod set out to make luxurious vegan goods and they have succeeded. Gaining much praise in many fashion magazines, I have a feeling Urban Expressions is just getting started.

I just found out about Urban Expressions accidentally while at T.J. Maxx the other day. I stopped in to pick up my huge bottles of Giovanni Eco Chic shampoo and conditioner but I decided to parade myself through the purse and bag section first. I don’t know why since I believe it is safe to say, I do not need another purse 😉 Once I stumbled across the wallets I saw this tag hanging off of a random wallet and it said ‘Certified Vegan’ so I took a closer look. The wallet was adorable and there was one in black so I figured why not. I have been using my Armani wallet since 2002 so it’s not like its new or has not gotten its use. Plus its leather and I am really making the push to get all of my leather replaced with faux leather and micro suede.

All of their products have really good reviews on the internet and you can find them for sale at places like T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, DSW and Amazon.Com. It is always nice to find a new vegan company, especially one that took the time to get ‘Certified Vegan. That rocks.

http://www.urbanexpressions.net/ Urban Expressions Homepage.

http://www.baghaus.com/category/urban-expressions-handbags-accessories A Bunch Of Their Bags For Sale.


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