When In Texas…

24 Aug
University of North Texas

Home Of Mean Greens All Vegan Dining Hall.

I find this to be really freakin cool, The University of North Texas will be opened an all vegan dining hall on campus this year!!! How rad? I really hope this catches on at other colleges. Anyways the university opened its vegan cafe on Monday, the aptly name ‘Mean Greens’ will serve up all vegan all the time. With delicious things like sweet potato burgers, roasted corn and sushi, I am pretty sure this place is going to be a hit.

This is a HUGE step for veg heads and veg culture, this would have never even been an idea back when I was in college in the late 90’s. Never. The fact that the University of Northern Texas offered vegan options prior to this cafe is rad too, the want for vegan food increased so much they went from only cold options to adding warm options and now they have a whole cafe of all vegan food. I am impressed by the students at this university and I commend the school for paying attention and listening to what the students want. The school knows all about the benefits of a vegan diet, from helping the Earth to staying healthy, the vegan diet works all across the board and they don’t deny it 😉

2 Big Green Thumbs Up To The University Of North Texas And It’s Entire Veg Head Population. You Guys Rock!!!

http://www.star-telegram.com/2011/08/22/3306340/university-of-north-texas-opens.html All About It.

Inside Mean Greens At The University Of Northern Texas.


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