Read This: Eating Animals.

22 Aug
Jonathan Safran Foer at Barnes & Noble Union S...

Jonathan Safra Foer In NYC Taking About His Book, Eating Animals.

Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer is a book that makes you think, a book that forces you to make the connection between what you eat and how it affects everything in this world. Filled with researched information and plenty of Foer’s trademark humor, Eating Animals is a great read for anyone who really wants to know what they are eating and how it got to their plate.

A vegetarian on and off for most of his life, Jonathan decided to write his first book of non fiction work, Eating Animals, after the birth of his first child. He realized then that he  needed to know what is best for his child, since he would be the one making that decision for his children. Was a vegetarian diet really best? He needed to know,  so he set out of this quest and the result is Eating Animals. After many years of being unsure as to how he felt about eating meat,  Foer is now 100% vegetarian.

I urge everyone to read this book, you can find a copy at your local library I am sure and they have lots for sale used on the internet. This book in mind blowing and eye opening, you will never look at what you eat the same way. And trust me, this is a good thing 😉 Eating Animals Website. Buy It On Amazon For $9.


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