18 Aug

While eating lunch at Subway a couple of weeks back I noticed a new ‘Chip’ product by the register. Intrigued I bought a pack because they were not chips, they were Apple Snapz. The chick who was ringing me up told me that she had tried them the day before and she loved them, said they tasted just like crunchy apples. Sounded good to me. Right away I noticed that there are only 45 calories per bag and each bag contains the equivalent of one whole apple. And the ingredients are quite simple, only apples and a few drops of lemon juice.

Snapz were invented by a British company who uses a very low temperature dehydration system which in turn keeps all of the apples positive raw properties intact. One bag of Apple Sapz counts as 1 serving of fruit and since they are not fried or full of added sugar and other junk, you can feel free to munch till your heart’s content. Apple Snapz are also nut free and gluten-free. Snapz also makes veggie chips but I have yet to see them. I am sure I will try them when I come across them though because most fruit and veggie chips are loaded with oil or fried which pretty much defeats the purpose of eating a fruit or veggie chip.

I really, really liked Apple Snapz, I mean LOVED them. They are just like a regular apple, they look like a cored regular apple, they taste like a real apple and they even have the skin intact. I wish I had bought another bag because I would love to have some to take with me to work. They are so easy to eat and are the perfect ‘on the run’ snack. It is nice to know there are healthy alternatives out there, I wish they were more readily found.

Grab Some Snapz. Snapz Homepage.


One Response to “Snapz.”

  1. J Campbell October 7, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

    Another delicious product available you will like that includes both fruits and vegetables.

    All-natural fruit and vegetable chips are fat –free, not baked, not fried, or freeze dried. Only the highest quality certified non-GMO fresh produce is selected to produce our delicious chips. Our proprietary technology retains almost all of the nutrients and flavors found naturally in fresh fruits and vegetables. More cost effective than freeze dried, Crispy Natural chips are gluten free, allergen free and contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. One bag of Crispy Natural Chips is equivalent to a full serving of the recommended “five a day” fruit and vegetable requirement.

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