Press This.

16 Aug
Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr. Olympia 1975

When Arnold Was Mr. Olympia in 1975.

The only press Arnold Schwarzenegger  seems to be getting these days is well, negative so I figured I would go for the opposite approach. As a body builder Arnold was simply one of the best to ever do it, you can’t deny that. He actually invented moves we use at the gym and there is an annual sports festival named after him, he truly is a body building legend. I actually worked for someone who used to build and compete with Arnold back in his ‘Muscle Beach’ days and he said the Terminator was a ‘hard working and super nice guy who always looked out for his fellow builders’. My boss Tony, even had a leather jacket with an airbrushed picture of Arnold ‘flexing’ in a Speedo with Arnold’s autograph on it. It was ridiculous, I wish I had that picture scanned, you all would laugh your heads off. Ridiculous. I simply named it ‘The Arnold Jacket’.

Anyways back to the point of the post. The point is the ‘Arnold Press’. This is a killer move to help you sculpt wonderfully proportioned shoulders. Since it is tougher than a basic shoulder press you will need to drop down in weight if you are already lifting. Not lowering your weight is an awesome way to hurt your shoulders, I know from experience, don’t do it 😉 To do this move you will need 1 set of dumbbells, you can do this standing or seated. I suggest seated if you are just learning this move, easier to focus on your form. Ok, so start with the dumbbells at the front of your shoulders, your palms should be facing your body and your elbows should be under your wrists. Now bring your elbows out to the sides and continue to raise them while pressing the dumbbells over your head until your arms are straight. Lower your shoulders in an opposite pattern, turning your palms back in towards your body back to starting position. Repeat for 8-12 reps. 3 sets. Sounds simple enough right?  It is.


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