Loving Tea Tree Oil.

13 Aug
Tea tree oil plantation, harvesting equipment ...

Harvesting At A Tea Tree Oil Plantation.

I have wanted to post about Tea Tree Oil for a while but keep forgetting so today is the day lol. I had heard about Tea Tree Oil for a while but it was mostly used in natural products so we never got acquainted if you know what I mean. That was until 2 years ago when my face went crazy on me. Fortunately I never had acne as a teenager (thanks Mom and Dad), unfortunately I started to get it at 28. Really? How beat is that? So once I decided I was going to fight this acne tooth and nail, I called in the aid of Tea Tree Oil. And it worked.

Tea Tree Oil comes from the Melaluca Tree which is native to Australia, it is an essential oil that has been used as a healing aid for thousands of years. It can be inhaled to treat coughs and colds and can be applied topically on scraps, bug bites and acne. Its anti-fungal, antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties make it very popular when it comes to cleaning something out or off of the skin. Since Tea Tree Oil is natural, it makes a better alternative than most of the chemical laden junk at the drugstores.

My personal experiences with Tea Tree Oil are quite vast. I now pretty much use it on every aliment I get. Bug Bite? Tea Tree Oil. Nasty Pimple? Tea Tree Oil. Ingrown Hair? Tea Tree Oil. Oily Skin? Tea Tree Oil. I can say 100% that it kicks butt on bug bites. I have this nasty one on my arm and I zapped it with Tea Tree Oil and within 30 minutes it stopped itching. Now the bump of the bite is still on my arm, riding out the duration of its stay BUT it has never itched again. Score. Now when it comes to using it on acne you are supposed to dilute it because it is quite strong and will leave your face a bit red. I personally do not dilute it and just deal with the redness because I want those nasty things off my face ASAP. You only need to use a little bit at night and you will see a difference. It draws whatever the issue is to the surface and speeds up the healing process. I no longer use anything else on pimples except Tea Tree Oil and Queen Helen Mint Julpe Face Mask. Everything else just seemed like a waste of time and money.

So that is my rant on Tea Tree Oil. Next time you have a bug bite or a nasty pimple, try it. You may like it 🙂

Gena Tea Tree Oil Is The One I Have Been Using For Over 2 Years.


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