Good Luck George Gallego!!!

7 Aug

Today is the New York City Triathlon and there is one person in particular we will be cheering for, Mr. George Gallego!!! Along with 4,000 other people, Mr. Gallego will do a 1 mile swim in the Hudson River, a 25 mile bike ride and a 7 mile road race. Since 2007, George has been competing in triathlons and his greatest accomplishment in triathlons so far was when he took 3rd in the World Champs in Australia. That also happens to be his favorite race he has competed in thus far.

A native of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Mr. Gallego has not always been into the whole triathlon scene nor has he always been a paraplegic. A freak accident at his job in his early 20’s left him paralyzed, I cannot imagine this happening to me and I cannot imagine the strength and conviction that it takes to overcome an accident like that. It truly blows my mind. Not only has George ‘overcome’ his disability he has pretty much one upped it. He now kicks butt in the pool, on a hand powered bike and on the streets in his racing chair. He trains 6 hours a week in the pool, 6 hours a week biking and 8 hours a week running. When it comes to eating, George and his wife keep it vegetarian, choosing to prepare high energy healthy meals at home.

Mr. Gallego is supported by his wonderful wife Juilia Hahn-Gallego, his coach Niel Cook and his new rescue pup, Picasso. Recently adopted, Picasso goes with George everywhere and he is training to be a therapy dog. George’s support team is very important to him since he needs assistance getting in and out of the water and onto his bike. They liken themselves to a Formula 1 ‘Pit Stop’ crew. On top of being a hard-core athlete, George is also CEO/Founder of Wheels Of Hope. Wheels Of Hope strives to create housing and opportunities for those who have suffered from spinal cord injuries. Many people who suffer such trauma end up living in nursing home type environments even if they are young and able. Wheels Of Hope works with the injured and helps teach them life skills, assists them with physical therapy and just helps the learn how to live their new lifestyle. They are there for these people at a very critical and emotional part of their lives. Wheels Of Progress is a non-for-profit organization so they rely on donations and assistance to keep things running in the right direction. All donations are tax deductible and obviously appreciated.

This is one of the best stories I have ever read and I hope that I did it justice. Mr. Gallego’s story has it all, an amazing athlete, a rescue dog, vegetarianism and a positive attitude. We wish him luck today as he competes. Now I gotta go walk down to the Hudson and cheer him on 🙂

GO GEORGE!!!! His Athlete Profile. Daily News Article. Wheels Of Progress Homepage.


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