Tater Ware.

3 Aug

I usually loathe layovers when I am en route somewhere. I just want to get where I am going and start my adventure. Unfortunately I had no choice but to take a layover in San Fran on the way to Hawai’i last month. Fortunately San Fran is a healthy place so I got some good steel-cut oats but honestly I was way more interested in the special looking and feeling spoon I was rocking. It was quite boss so I flipped it over to see the deal and it said ‘Tater Ware’. Awesome.

Developed by Earth-To-Go, Tater Ware is made from potatoes (potato starch to be exact), it is biodegradable, made from annually renewable, non gmo resources, and it is durable. It felt stronger than most plastic utensils I have used. Tater Ware is available in cutlery, plates, bowls and about 40 other things. If you have a business that involves to go materials you should consider Tater Ware (for many reasons), they have a special program that allows you to customize your stores personal Tater Ware.

As a consumer I totally recognize, realize and respect when businesses make as many eco-friendly decisions as they can. It shows me they care on a deep level, which means the food or product I am getting from them is probably of a good quality and crafted with care. Our constant usage of plastic is totally destroying the planet so anything we can do to make it better is a small step in the right direction 😉

‘We’re The Soultion, Not The Pollution.’ – Earth-To-Go

http://www.earth-to-go.com/products/taterware Tater Ware Homepage.


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