10 Health Benefits Of Going Veg.

2 Aug

…Here Are 10 Health Related Reasons To Ditch The Meat And ‘Veg Out’…

vegan food pyramid adapted from recommendation...

The Vegan Food Pyramid.

1- Your Body Mass Index. Many studies have shown that a diet without meat leads to a body with a lower Body Mass Index which means less body fat and a healthy body weight.

2- Cataracts. Studies have shown that cataracts can be prevented with a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Produce that is high in antioxidants have also been shown to prevent cataracts.

3- Migraines. Studies show that once meat eaters who suffer from migraines switch a vegan diet, the lose the migraines.

4- Macular Degeneration. Studies show that diets rich in foods such as..Leafy Greens, Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes and Carrots all help to prevent the on set of Macular Degeneration.

5- Nails. People on a vegan diet have stronger nails then their meat-eating counterparts. This may seem like no big deal but many doctors gauge your overall health by how healthy your nails are.

6- Cholesterol. It is proven that once you remove animal products from your diet, you will reduce your cholesterol.

7- Allergies. Studies show that once allergy sufferers lost the meat, the also lost most of the allergies.

8- Prostate Cancer. A major study showed that men with prostate cancer that changed over to a vegan diet managed to stop the cancer from growing and in some cases even reversed the illness.

9- Breast Cancer. It is well documented that women who reside in countries that eat less meat  have less breast cancer.

10- Longer Life. And a better quality of life while living. On average veg heads outlive their meat-eating counter parts by 5-6 years.


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