Restaurant Review: Terri Organic Vegetarian.

27 Jul

Terri is the restaurant I have been waiting for since I went veg. A fast food vegan joint that serves up amazing sandwiches, shakes and assorted vegan goodies. Vegan donuts anyone? Well Terri has them. Along with a whole bunch of other stuff that may just blow your mind.

Located on 23rd Street on the crazy island of Manhattan, Terri is one of the first ‘fast food’ vegan restaurants I have ever seen. The seating is limited and there is no bathroom but if you are just looking for a quick bite or something to grab and go then Terri is for you. Their shakes, smoothies and juices are amazing. I had the ‘Butterfinger’ shake to wrap up my meal and I actually ate the vegan donut before my meal was done. Sorry but I could not wait any longer, that place was killing me. All of their goodies are on the counter in front of you it’s like you died and went to vegan treat heaven.

As for their sandwiches, I went with the ‘Buffalo Chicken’ and I think my partner in all things vegan had the ‘Bacon Cheddar Chicken Ranch. I can say with 100% confidence that we both LOVED the food at Terri. It was all so fresh, made quickly and served hot. There was a minimal wait and the staff was super happy, super helpful and super nice. My experience at Terri was 10 for 10 and I cannot wait to go back. Highly recommended, Terri is an ingenious idea, one is that severely lacking in the veg world. We need more ‘fast food’ places to get vegan food. End of story 😉

Terri. 64 West 23rd St. NY, NY 10010. 212-647-8810.

 Hours: Monday-Friday 6am-11pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-9pm. Terri Homepage.
Terri on Urbanspoon


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