Conscious Marley.

22 Jul
Free Ziggy Marley concert in St. Pete. Absolut...

Ziggy Marley Performing In St. Pete.

David ‘Ziggy Marley’ is holding his own. With 4 Grammy Awards under his belt, a slew of acclaimed records and a few kids of his own, Ziggy continues to lead the vegetarian lifestyle his mother and father instilled in him. Although he does not strictly follow the Rastafarian religion as his father Bob did, he still believes in his ‘Ziggy Religion’ that all creatures are sacred 🙂

Ziggy believes that the body is more pure and clean when you do not eat meat, he says he feels a better spiritual connection to things and life. He also raises his children vegetarian but understands that as a parent, his children will most likely at least try meat one day. He chooses to leave the decision up to them. Ziggy’s beliefs about vegetarianism are very deep, logical and thought provoking. The connection between eating meat and violence has been studied for many years and this is something Ziggy makes a point of mentioning when he is interviewed about his lifestyle decision. His awareness of how the world works and whats going is quite amazing and the more I read about him that more I am impressed. Ziggy is a very wise man who seems very down to earth.

Ziggy is touring all over this summer from California to Japan to Spain, this man is going full speed. We send nothing but good vibes and love to Ziggy!!!

Ps. Jamaican word/rumor has it that David got the nickname ‘Ziggy’ from Bob because he had some serious soccer skills and would zig and zag on the field. Ziggy Marley Interview With PETA. Out His Recycled, Organic Surfware Collection.

Ziggy And Bob.




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