Fight Depression With Exercise.

19 Jul

Each year over 21 MILLION Americans are treated for/diagnosed with depression. Exercise has been shown to be a great way to ease depression. In each study I read there was another connection made, it was quite amazing, so get moving 🙂

 10 Ways That Exercise Can Help Fight Depression.

1- Exercising releases ‘Feel Good Chemicals’, neurotransmitters and endorphins may help to ease the depression a person feels. Ever hear of a ‘Runners High’?

2- Exercising increases your body temperature which may have calming effects to those who feel anxious or depressed.

3- Exercising boots your immune system which helps ward off any other chemicals that may worsen ones depression.

4- Exercising is proven to reduce stress which is one of depressions co-pilot.

5- Exercising makes you look better which boots your self-esteem and mood. Hard to be depressed when you look and feel so good 😉

6- Exercise helps you gain confidence. Meeting your exercise ‘goals’ will help you feel a sense of accomplishment.

7- Exercise is a positive distraction from the worries and negative thoughts that feed ones depression.

8- It has been proven that exercise does indeed help mild to moderate cases of depression, it is effective and underused according to many doctors.

9- Exercise is fun, having fun will make you happier. So running is not for you. How about taking a dance class or joining a walking group. Make new friends and feel better about yourself.

10- Exercise helps you cope in a healthy way. Instead of heading to the bar for a drink go to the gym or take a walk. By feeding depression with things like food and alcohol you are only making it worse.


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