Cotton Branch Animal Sanctuary.

18 Jul

The Cotton Branch Animal Sanctuary is located in Leesville, South Carolina. Over there at Cotton Branch they take in animals that slip through the cracks of the system. Places like the SPCA and Animal Control do not have the space to take in abandoned and abused farm animals so they just put them down. In 2004 Cotton Branch was founded with hopes of helping these animals who lead such horrible lives. Now these lucky pigs, goats, horses, cows, peacocks, mules, llamas, emus, chickens and turkeys can live out the rest of their lives in peace with lots of love, food and space to roam and play.

Since Cotton Branch is such a big space with lots of land and ponds for animals to enjoy, they have teamed up with Carolina Wildlife Care to allow them to re-release their patients into the ‘wild’. Sometimes the injuries birds like geese, duck and heron sustain are simply too bad for them to ever live back in the ‘wild’ again, so they make their forever home on the grounds of Cotton Branch.

Like most animal sanctuaries, Cotton Branch is a non-for-profit organization that rely 100% on volunteers and donations to stay afloat. All donations are tax deductible and very much appreciated, it costs them $1200 a month just to feed all the animals at Cotton Branch so everything helps. They also have a website where they sell some really funky vintage jewelry, 60% of the profits go to support the animals at Cotton Branch. There is some cool stuff on their site, check it out. Cotton Branch Homepage. Friend Them On FaceBook. Antique Jewlery For Sale To Benefit The Animals.


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