No More Plastic In Paradise.

15 Jul

Morning Time Along The Na'pali Coast Of Kaua'i, Hawai'i. The Most Beautiful Place I Have Ever Seen In My Life. Photo Taken July 2011.

 I just returned from my most recent vacation to Hawaii, the islands of Ohau and Kaua’i and all I can say is…I LOVE HAWAI’I. I mean absolutely adore it from the inside out, everything about it from the weather to the people. What I love most is their concern for the planet and for their islands. Almost every place I ate at gave me biodegradable utensils made from plants, every iced coffee I drank was served to me in a biodegradable cup with a biodegradable straw and there are farmers markets EVERYWHERE serving up the islands freshest fruits, veggies, honey’s and jams. Hawai’i truly is heaven on Earth to me, as a concerned Earthling I applaud Hawaii for being front-runners in the ‘ban of plastic bags’ on the islands of Maui and Kaua’i. They are looking to impose a fee for plastic bag usage on the other islands but everyone I know there just wants them banned. Period.

As we all know plastic is the largest source of marine debris, polluting our oceans, rivers and streams while killing the inhabits of these bodies of water. Plastic also has an extremely low rate of being recycled and is one of the main factors in the on going  degradation of our Earth and our health. The plastic bag ban which Kaua’i recently implemented mirrors the one which Maui passed and is considered to be a ‘cold turkey’ policy. This means no transitions, no time to switch over, it simply means ‘dead the plastic bags and come up with a better way’. This is pretty much ome of the best laws ever for protecting the planet. And may I add that it works. I saw ZERO plastic bags in trees or bodies of water on Maui and Kaua’i, here in Jersey plastic bags flap from trees like it’s no thing. It makes me so mad, it’s so gross and depressing. Those bags in trees will just eventually catch and kill a bird or float off into a body of water and kill some fish.

The people of Kaua’i obviously support this bill 100% and stores have come up with some pretty cute ways for you to take your goods on the go. Like Papaya’s Natural Foods  for instance, this amazing natural foods market (which I will get into more in a future post) gave me a recycled box to take my food and groceries in. It was actually awesome. It fit all my stuff and then some and since it was long and flat it easily doubled up as a ‘tray’ to eat on while we holoholo. Besides Kaua’i and Maui, Mexico, Italy, Ireland, China, Los Angles and San Francisco have all also put bans or restrictions on plastic bag usage. I personally feel it is time every country/state/region puts a ban or restrictions on plastic bags, let’s follow the leaders.

Kudos To The People Of Hawai’i For Caring Enough To Change 🙂

A Huge, Empty Beach On The North Shore Of Kaua'i. Photo Taken July 2011.



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