The Dukan Do Not.

5 Jul
Cover of

Just Say NO.

I cannot believe this type of diet is making a ‘comeback’. The Atkins diet is so 2003, we have made so much progress in connecting the dots of health since then. How people can think going back to a meat laden diet focused on protein is beyond me but apparently it’s all the rage again. The Dukan Diet is a weight loss program that has been designed by French Doctor, Pierre Dukan. ‘Diets’ like these are why I am so leary of doctors, is there not enough proof and evidence showing us that a diet rich in meat and dairy makes you sick? Just take a look around the United States, look at us. How the majority of us look and feel is due to how we eat, lots of animal products. So if all this meat was so great for us, why are we all so sick? Riddle me this, please someone riddle. me. this.

The claims that this diet works stem from the research Dr. Dukan has done with his patients over the years. Apparently they all lost weight. Their vital stats remain undisclosed so who knows how many of them watched their cholesterol soar and developed some type of (know or unknown) vitamin deficiency. Let’s be honest a diet of meat, dairy, oat bran and water is void of so many vitamins and nutrients we need, it is kind of ridiculous. I am just appalled that a doctor would even recommenced this type of eating at all. No colors, not enough fiber, not enough grains, no fruit…this diet is a friggin disaster. Let it be known, that I am not a doctor but I think anyone can see the Dukan Diet is not a good look.

To me it is crazy and odd that Americans are so obsessed with looking to the French for weight loss tips. And it is even crazier to me that people buy into this mess. The reason why French people (and most other Europeans) are thinner then Americans is simply their lifestyle. They walk over 3x as much as the average American, take their time when they eat and they all smoke. For real. Go to Europe and check it out. They are thin due to a lifestyle that is long embedding in their culture not because they are patients of Dr. Dukan. I really wish people would stop buying into these unhealthy lifestyle choices. They are not only horrible for us but they are even worse for the planet and the animals. What a nightmare.

Now let me ask this…How many people do you know that did Atkins and lost weight have kept it off???


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