Want Better Skin? Go Vegetarian.

27 Jun
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Eat Like A Vegetarian For Great Skin.

I just turned 31 and get carded more now then I did at 26. A male* friend of mine recently told me that I had not aged since we met, we met when I was 25. Another male* friend of mine (who as known me since age 22) asked  to ask me if I ”had some work done’, said I look ‘refreshed’. No, no work. I use these 2 people as examples because both these people happen to look significantly younger than their actual ages too. They both still get carded well into their 30’s and both eat mostly plant-based diets. Coincidence? Or are we on to something? Do vegetarians actually have better skin? To me it seems like a no brainer, good skin comes from within. It has to. If you are eating a well-balanced plant-based diet you should look as feel as vibrant as your food. And if you eat junk you will look like junk, right?

Turns out this is true, as a whole vegetarians DO tend to have better skin then their meat-eating counterparts simply because they are eating diets that contain more Antioxidant Vitamins such as A, C and E. Free radicals are what damage our skin and make it appear ‘older’, A, C and E fight them off and keep things running smoothly allowing your skin to remain smooth and supple. Fruits, vegetables and nuts, all staples in a vegetarian/vegan diet are high in these vitamins, these are the things that a well-balanced vegetarian diet should consist of. Plus it is proven that the hormones in meat and dairy mess up the skin. The link between acne and dairy has been heavily researched and proven to be true.

As I get older and start to notice skin more I can pretty much point out people who are vegetarian. It gets particularly obvious in the 40’s-50’s age range when lots of people’s skin goes to pot even though it should not. A vegetarian in their 50’s looks, to me, a good 15 years younger than their meat-eating counterpart. My parents have always had amazing skin and since they have cleaned up their diet they look even better. I actually said something to my dad a few months ago about his skin looking radiant and he credited it to the ‘green juices’ he had been drinking. This is not to say that an active lifestyle does not play a part in having great skin because obviously it does. This is also another advantage that us vegetarians have, overall we tend to live healthier and more active lives then carnies. Our lifestyle takes years off of our appearances and bodies, ‘vegetarians look good because they feel good’,  was the general vibe I got from the studies I read.

So if you want good skin, eat your fruits, veggies, nuts and sweat it out 🙂

* If men notice something like this then it must be obvious.


3 Responses to “Want Better Skin? Go Vegetarian.”

  1. lindseytinsey June 27, 2011 at 7:20 am #

    I’ve always had normal/dry skin so I don’t break out a lot. But I do get occasional pimples… sometimes horrible white heads that I have to steam my face to get rid of 😦
    I hope that going veg will eliminate that completely. Would be so niiiiiice! 🙂

    • Author July 19, 2011 at 7:58 pm #

      Going veg should totally help you out, Good Luck!!!

  2. theveganweddingplanner June 27, 2011 at 2:40 pm #

    This is 100% true! About 2 weeks into my vegan diet the first thing that people started to comment on…my skin! People said it looked, fresh, clear, and young; and I didn’t even have terrible skin before!

    Plants rock!

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