I Love Me Some Darrell Lea.

25 Jun

Licorice maybe on of the best candies ever. I love it and eat it quite often. I like almost any kind from black to fruity, tough to chewy. One of my new favorites is Darrell Lea, yummy. Not only are his goods certified vegetarian by the Vegetarian Society, they are also all natural and certified kosher. I have seen and tried many flavors from mango to cherry and everyone was delicious.

This particular licorice recipe was invented in the early 1900’s in Australia by a man named Harry Lee. He started with a push cart then made enough money to buy a store in which he named Darrell Lea’s after his son. Needless to say the business took off and here we are. Since 2002 they have been exporting their amazing soft chew licorice to the UK and Canada. The US soon followed but I don’t think it has been too long, I have only been seeing them for a few years. I have found them at Target, Harmon and A&P.

I am not saying this product is good for you and that you should go and grub out on it. Like any other candy enjoy it in moderation. I just like posting about this stuff because face it, some of us like junk food every now and then and if we must take the plunge let it at least be all natural/vegetarian/vegan 😉

http://darrelllea.com/ Darrel Lea Homepage.


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