Mean Mr. Muscle.

22 Jun
weight loss exercise class

Cardio Will Only Take You So Far.

The mission of most at the gym is to lose weight. End of story. This is all fine and dandy but that is not the right mission if you are looking for long term weight loss. If you just want to look fly on the beach next week then cut calories, hop on the treadmill and pound away. Keep in mind though that cutting calories and doing cardio is not a long term solution for weight loss. Plus doing massive amounts of cardio and restricting what you eat seems like a dull way to go about life. I know I could never do it, I would rather bust my butt at the gym then say no to some pizza and ice cream if that is what I feel like having. Life is too short to not indulge 😉

Weight loss broken down to its most simple form is nothing more than ‘Burn More Calories Then You Eat.’ They make it sound so freakin simple don’t they? There are 2 ways to be thin in REAL LIFE. You are either naturally got it or you work at it. If you want to spend less time working at it then just build some muscles because at the end of the day, muscles are hungry and they need those calories that you eat. So basically if you are just bustin your hump doing cardio all the time, once you stop with the cardio the weight will creep right back on because you have not built any muscle to eat the calories, your body was just depending on you to go and burn them off. On the other hand, if you have been lifting or doing exercises that you use your own body weight to do (push ups, pull ups, sit ups) then you have been developing muscles that will help you keep the weight off for a longer period of time, even during a time of inactivity. Plus muscles have a super memory so even if you go all couch potato on your body and gain weight, you can get that definition back quicker then someone who never had those muscles to begin with. It’s like a win win all around.


'Look But Don't Trust'

When it comes to working out to gain muscle one  must stop putting so much faith in the scale. That thing sucks. For real. I mean sure it is a good way to ‘gauge’ things but more than not it will just stress you out. For some reason I started weighing myself last year, I don’t know why. I have always been a ‘heavy’ girl and I do not mean ‘heavy’ as in overweight or round, even though I did have a few of those years, I just have always weighed more than someone my height should. And it annoyed me and it still kind of does to be honest. Even now at my smallest ever I still weigh 10lbs more than I ‘should’ for my height. Why? Because I am strong and have mad muscle. Yet I am tiny. But since it is all muscle, the scale does not know that so it still says I am ‘heavy’ when in reality this is as small as I get. So what I am trying to say is, when it comes to the scale ‘Look But Don’t Trust’. If you want to honestly know how you are progressing try on your jeans, they are the most honest critic you have 🙂

Now Get To Lifting.


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