August 4th, 2011. All Vegetarian. All Day. The Lokerse Feesten. You Can Thank Morrissey.

21 Jun

The Lokerse Feesten  is a huge 10 day music festival held in Belgium from July 29th to August 11th. This festival has lots of talent on it stages, from fellow veg head Erykah Badu to legendary front man Robert Plant, there is most definitely someone for everyone at this festival.

Day 7 of this festival, August 4th, there will be no meat served at this festival (which is known for serving up nasty stuff like horse sausage and snails) thanks to the outspoken British singer Morrissey. The former Smiths front man is a hard-core veg head and does not want to be subjected to the smell of charring meat cooking around him as he performs his set. Since The Lokerse Feesten wanted Morrissey that bad they were willing to comply with his demands for a ‘vegetarian day’ when he performs. So they did and this amazing idea has been birthed.

I am obviously all about this and would love to be able to attend a festival that was all vegetarian, that would be the bomb, for real. Some people on the web are calling this ‘Diva Behavior’ and ‘Out Of Line’ and they would be right if his motives were selfish and outlandish but they are not. Morrissey is a vegetarian strictly for the whole ‘eating animals is wrong cuz they are living creatures, have feelings, families, eyes, hearts, fur etc’. He is all about the animal rights aspect of vegetarian lifestyle, which makes his ‘barter’ with the festival not at all diva-esque since the root of his motives are not-self serving. He is protecting those who cannot protect themselves and he won, therefore they won too.

Everyone is winning on August 4th at The Lokerse Feesten 😉 About The Festival. About Morrissey.


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