Don’t Whisper Sweet Nothings, Eat Them.

19 Jun

And the dairy free dessert express chugs on. The next stop is at Turtle Mountain for some fudgy, delicious, Sweet Nothings. Brought to the masses by Turtle Mountain, these Sweet Nothings are fat-free, gluten-free, non-gmo, certified vegan and only have 100 calories per bar. They are sold in boxes of 6 or individually, I came across them at Whole Foods individually. I have never seen them anywhere else.

When it comes to dessert all something needs to say is DAIRY FREE and CHOCOLATE for me to try it. These days it seems as if my shopping is more for ‘Can I review this?’ purposes lol. It’s all good though cuz I am getting to try tons of new foods and amazing desserts and snacks, so there are no complains from me and since I see how many people come to this site looking for healthier desserts and stuff, it makes me know it is worth it 😉

If you are a fan of the infamous ‘Fudgecicle’ you will adore the Fudge Bar Sweet Nothings. They are a big, all natural, more chocolate tasting version of the classic treat. Sweetened with concentrates of pineapples, pears, apples and peaches they are big on chocolate taste and pretty low on sugar in comparison to most frozen treats.

Who knew Sweet Nothings could taste so sweet?


Turtle Mountain (company)

For all Of Your Non Dairy Dessert Needs.


One Response to “Don’t Whisper Sweet Nothings, Eat Them.”

  1. sue June 17, 2013 at 11:06 pm #

    where can you buy sweet nothings non dairy fudge bars in store or online if store I live in amherst,ma which stores carry these bars if not how do I buy them online

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