Rodeo Rings.

15 Jun

Rodeo Rings are a vegan, baked, all natural dog treat that is formulated for dogs with health conscious owners. These high protein vegetarian dog treats are made without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Rodeo Rings are also wheat and gluten free. These treats are made with rice flour, soy flour, potato starch, beet molasses, corn syrup, vegetable oil, sea salt and natural colors. They are shaped like little circles and my dogs LOVE THEM.

Ginger Ridge, the company who makes Rodeo Rings originally started as a horse and pony treat company but has since branched out into dog treats. They founded this company believing that pet treats should be tasty, healthy and easy on the wallet. I would have to say, mission accomplished. I came across these treats at Pet Goods by the check out, I think they were a new item there. Pet Goods has been holding it down for my veg monsters and I lately, they just have so many vegetarian options to choose from. It is truly an awesome place to shop for dog food and treats.

Here are some links where you can buy them on-line, I am having a hard time finding a link to them on the company’s website. Rodeo Rings For Sale On Buy.Com. Here They Are For Sale on Amazon.Com.


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