Fix Your Face: The Hyaluronic Acid Edition.

14 Jun

Hyaluronic Acid.

Hyaluronic Acid is one of the best anti aging products on the market. Referring to it as a ‘product’ is kind of odd considering our bodies actually produce HA. As we age our bodies supply of HA drops, causing our skin to look saggy and less taut. By using HA creams or serum you can help prevent and even reverse some of the signs of aging on your face. And since our bodies actually produce HA, it is safe for almost all skin types and has proved to be very beneficial to those with sensitive skin.

There are many serum on the market today that contain a potent percentage of HA in them and most are very affordable. Injections like Restaylane are simply HA injections but I am NOT condoning them because they are tested on animals (as is Botox).  The consistency of HA is like a ‘watery gel’ and there is no scent in any of the ones I have come across. I personally love HA, use it every night and have seen some very good results with it. Most of all I just love the fact that it is a natural substance and that there is no need to rub nasty chemicals on my face.

Many different companies make HA serum, the one I use is from Reviva but I have come across a couple of others that are not tested on animals and contain no animal ingredients or other nonsense. Below are a few links to the best quality ones with the best prices. Good Luck!!! Swanson Has A Cheap HA Serum. This Is The Reviva One I Use For SUPER Cheap On Amazon. I Am Going To Stock Up Right Now. This Is A HA Day Cream By Derma E With Great Reviews.


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