Bio Bags.

10 Jun

Plastic Bags Suck. I mean they really do. They take over 100 years to biodegrade, kill millions of birds each year, kill thousands of marine animals and seem to be blowing down any street in my town at any given time. It bothers me that places are still so quick to hand out a plastic bag to a customer, everyone knows how bad they are, are we not past this yet? Other places need to implement laws like the island of Maui in Hawaii does, ‘No Plastic Bags’. The world would be a much cleaner and safer place for us and our animal friends if we just lot the plastic bags 😉

Since I live in reality and I know this may never happen in my lifetime (as long as people keep trying to throw my one pack of gum into a huge plastic bag) but there are things we can do to help this transition along. This is where Bio Bags come into play. Bio Bags are  compostable and biodegradable bags made from the worlds first patented polymer which is made with non Gmo corn, contains no vegetable oil and no polyethylene. Polyethylene is used many products that say ‘Eco Friendly or Biodegradable’ but it is not truly biodegradable. These Bio Bags can also simply be composted in your backyard.

Bio Bag makes all types of bags from trash bags, to leaf bags and dog poop bags. They make it really easy to switch to a cleaner and greener way of life. So far I have switched my kitchen and bathroom garbage bags to biodegradable as well as my dogs poop bags. I ca honestly say there is ZERO difference in performance of the bags, the biodegradable bags are not ‘weaker’ and I actually like the feel of the bio plastics, they feel ‘Earthy’ and ‘real’. So next time you are buying trash bags or poop bags grab a biodegradable one and see for yourself.

‘Changing The World Without Changing The Earth.’ Bio Bag Homepage.


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