Meet Your Vegan Wedding Planner.

8 Jun

When it comes to weddings one deserves to have the day exactly as they desire. The location, the photographer and of course the food should be perfect. Now what if you are a vegan and want your wedding to follow your vegan principles? Do you just have some meat for the carnies and some vegan stuff for the veg heads? Well that is a matter of choice but what I will say is that just because you are getting married and inviting other people, does not mean you must cast aside your moral choices and preferences. After all I am willing to best most carnies would have a hard time identifying mock from real meats these days plus no one can even tell the difference between a dairy laden cake and a vegan cake 😉

Since a wedding is a lot of work and planning you may need a ‘Right Hand Woman’ and that would be your ‘Vegan Wedding Planner’, Kelly Gentry. Kelly is a creative consultant and party planner who runs the company ‘Sharing Beautiful Memories. Sharing Beautiful Memories is an event planning company that not only helps plan weddings but also creates the items you see at weddings such as candles and place cards as well sign in books. Everything Kelly makes is unique, beautiful and styled to your liking for your wedding. Knowing how important it is to be ‘green’, Mrs. Gentry makes a lot of her items from previously used things. Take for example an old box, we just see something that needs to be recycled. Kelly recycles it into something beautiful for you and your special day.

Kelly never uses animal products in her designs and she can help you plan a killer vegan wedding. Even if you are not looking for a ‘full vegan’ wedding, Kelly can help you. She has not always been vegan so it is easy for her to steer you in a direction you are comfortable with, without it all overwhelming you. Maybe you just want a few vegan dishes and some meat? Maybe you just want you wedding to be ‘Green’ and ‘Eco Friendly’? Maybe it will be an all out vegan affair? Who knows, the choice is yours and Sharing Beautiful Memories is here to help you turn your vegan visions into reality.

Here is Kelly’s Contact Information: Sharing Beautiful Memories Homepage. The Vegan Wedding Planner Blog. Link To Facebook Page.

Email: SharingBeautifulMemories@Yahoo.Com

This Is An Example Of Kelly's Beautiful Work.


2 Responses to “Meet Your Vegan Wedding Planner.”

  1. theveganweddingplanner June 8, 2011 at 10:01 am #

    This is wonderful, thanks so much!

  2. Author June 10, 2011 at 8:11 am #

    I am glad you like it!!! 😉

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