Betty Lou’s. Almost Too Good To Be True.

3 Jun

These Are The Strawberry Ones That I Tried. Delicious.

I LOVE VEGAN TREATS!!! I can’t get enough all natural, vegan treats, I really can’t. My latest attack was on Ms. Betty Lou’s Gluten Free Fruit Bars. Where do I begin. Once again, here is a product that I had been seeing everywhere but never took the plunge until today. While putzing around Whole Foods I ended up in the chocolate aisle (as usual) and I ended up face to face with Betty Lou’s strawberry flavor fruit bars. I picked it up and read the ingredients which were all natural and very delicious sounding. Lots of fruit and fruit juices, no sugar added, no dairy, no hydrogenated oils and no artificial flavors. On top of all that, they check out as vegan and have a whopping 5 grams of fiber in one bar. So I bought the strawberry and kept it moving.

I was attempting to save the fruit bar until after dinner but I have ZERO willpower when it comes to vegan treats. I can and will turn down any meat, most fat and dairy laden desserts and most candy bars but vegan treats I just cannot turn away from 😉 This strawberry fruit bar is literally a square and it is rather heavy for its size. This heavy square tastes just like a piece of pie. The delicious strawberry center is surrounded by gluten-free oats and flour. All the sweetness comes from fruit juices like apple, peach, pear and pineapple. I noticed the perfect amount of cinnamon as I tore through the bar. Betty Lou makes a moist, hearty and chewy fruit bar.

The thing was amazing. I wish I bought more. This Is The Website You Can Search Through Their Snacks By Category. Lots Of Vegan Ones. The Strawberry One That I Tried.


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