Clean It With Rynex.

30 May

I am a dry cleaning type of chick. I am the type of person who finds an article of clothing they like and keeps it in pristine condition for years. I get so scared that I will never find that perfect fit/color/design again so I baby it. Hell, I have been known to dry clean a $5 shirt from H&M cuz it fit me so perfectly I did not want to mess with it 😉

The problem with all this dry cleaning though, is its environmental impact. Dry cleaning solution is SO BAD for the Earth, it pollutes the water in the worst way, kills the fish, everything. I kind of figured this years ago just from the smell, it smelled like chemicals. Back then I was young so I really did not put two and two together, I just figured it was what it was. Then a handful of years ago, I switched to a cheaper dry cleaner and I noticed the first time I got my clothes back that something was different. The smell, the feel it was different in a good way.

So after a few weeks I noticed they had a sign that said ‘Environmentally Friendly’ and a poster about a cleaning brand called Rynex. This is what they had been using to clean my clothes and I was feeling it. Turns out that Rynex was founded in 1995 with plans to develop biodegradable, Earth and health friendly solvents. They soon invented this dry cleaning solvent that is all of the above and that can replace every other chemically enhanced dry cleaning solvent on the market. So what that means is there is no reason dry cleaners should not be using Rynex. Since they passed all of their trials in 1999, Rynex has become wildly popular in North America and Europe.

So now it is 2011 and I have been having my clothes cleaned with this Rynex solution for 5 years and I must say I love it. The most obvious thing to me is the wear to my clothes, there is so much less impact on the fabric with Rynex. My clothes come back looking clean and refreshed, not weakened and smelly. This stuff does not seem to eat away at your clothes like a lot of dry cleaning solutions do. Next time you are at your dry cleaners take a look around and see if you see a Rynex sign anywhere. If not keep your eyes open for dry cleaning places that say ‘Environmentally Friendly’ because there is a a good chance they maybe using Rynex solution. And it rocks.

Save The Earth And Your Clothes.

Many dry cleaners place cleaned clothes inside...

Return Your Hangers And Recycle The Plastic Wrap Your Clothes Come In To Lessen The Environmental Blow Of Dry Cleaning. Rynex Homepage.


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