The Flax Of Life.

29 May
Flax seed

'Golden' Flax Seeds.

Flax Seeds are seriously a ‘Wonder Food’. Full of short chain Omega 3 Fatty Acids, these seeds are a must have for vegans and vegetarians. You can add them to your yogurt, throw them in trail mix or a stir fry and even add them to baked goods.

Native to India and the Mediterranean Regions of the world, flax comes in both ‘Golden’ and ‘Brown’ colors. Both have the same nutrition profile although brown flax is not as commonly used as golden when it comes to food products. The Omega 3’s that flax seeds contain have been shown to lower cholesterol, especially in women and recent studies have also shown that flax may help patients with breast and prostate cancers.  Furthermore, flax may also be beneficial to diabetics since it is known to stabilize blood sugar levels and since it is high in fiber, it is a natural laxative. Packed with good fats that help keep your hair and skin looking good, flax is definitely a ‘something for everyone’ kind of plant.

I have tried getting flax in my diet many ways. I used to just take a supplement but then I could never find one that was not coated in gelatin and it started to become a pain in the butt. Then I went to some milled flax that you can throw on yogurt or into a smoothie. It was good but it was not smooth enough to blend into my smoothie, it changed the texture which changed it all. So then I found this ‘Fine Milled’ golden flaxseed at Vitamin Shoppe and bought them because they looked as if they were milled super fine. And they are. They blend into my smoothie with the greatest of ease and do not mess up the texture at all. Beveri is the brand and the link to the product is below.

Get Your Fatty Acids On. More Benefits Of Flax. All About The Flax I Have Been Using And LOVE.

This Is The Exact One I Am Using, It Is The Best I Have Come Across.


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  1. beatriceqq May 30, 2011 at 7:37 am #

    good post

    • Author May 30, 2011 at 8:34 am #

      Thanks For Reading 😉

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