1 Man. 4 Championship Rings. 0 Meat.

27 May
John Salley at LA Direct Magazine's "Reme...

John Salley. Proving You Don't Need Meat To Compete.

When I was a teenager I was a hard-core basketball player and fan, my first love in life probably was the game of basketball (followed by hip hop music and platform/high-heeled shoes).  I was really lucky that while is was growing up I got to see the greats like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Patrick Ewing play. The NBA was a good time back then and I feel blessed that those were the guys on the court when I was a kid. We ALL wanted to ‘Be Like Mike’ lol. Anyways, though out all those years there was another guy in the mix. A guy who managed to win 4 championship rings with 3 different NBA teams.  One of the Detroit Pistons all time leaders in blocked shots and of course a vegan, Mr. John Salley.

Born in Brooklyn to a family with a long history of cancer related deaths John knew this was connected to the foods the people in his family were eating. He knew he had to make a change or else he would suffer from the same fate so he decided to become a vegetarian. He has been a vegetarian since 1991 and a vegan since 2008. This means all but 5 years of his NBA career were played as a vegetarian, a non meat-eating professional basketball player. I like how that sounds 😉 John has stated that going vegetarian gave him the extra edge he needed when it came to his game, he said he felt more energized and had better mental focus after he went veg.

Mr. Salley retired from the NBA in 2000 after winning his 4th championship with the L.A. Lakers. Since then he has been ‘Livin La Vida Vegan’. He has started up John Salley Foods, which is a vegan snack foods company that makes all organic and kosher treats. They specialize in dipping and marinade sauces and some of them sound delicious. On the web site is also a recipe for ‘John Salleys Slam Dunk Guacamole’ which sounds amazing.

So here’s to Mr. Salley, proving that veg heads always win 🙂

http://www.johnsalley.com/blog/ This Is His Web Site And Blog.


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