24 May

Oskri is a small company located in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. They make lots of super tasty, healthy snacks that are all dairy free, vegetarian, kosher and gluten free. Their facility is run on renewable wind energy and if you are even in their area they encourage you to stop by and say hi.

They make tons of bars such as fiber bars, protein bars, fruit bars, coconut bars and sesame bars. Have a vast assortment of nuts and dried fruits, trail mixes, spices and granola. Oskri is new to me so I have only tried one of their nut cluster mix things and it was bangin. I saw their sesame bars in TJ Maxx last week but could not grab them because I was out of hands. Now that I know they have them there I will pick them up and try them out. Keep a look out for them at airports, the ones I tried were actually found at the San Francisco Airport. They are a great alternative to the other options airports dish out.

One of the coolest things I see they make is barley coffee? I have never even heard of it before but apparently it is an awesome caffeine free coffee substitute. It has rave reviews every where on the net. See, you learn something new everyday 🙂

Oskri. All natural, vegetarian foods made in an eco friendly manner. Need I say more?

http://oskri.com/ Homepage.

This Is The Honey Almond Crunch I Had.


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