Michael Antonio Shoes.

14 May

My biggest fear when I made the decision to stop using leather and suede was, ‘What About My Shoes?’. I never really took a shine to ‘pleather’ shoes before and I know all about the ‘You Get What You Pay For’ lines. Once I started poking around on the internet I soon came across Michael Antonio shoes. High heels, sick wedges all with an edgy vibe to them? I was sold. Now I am a believer, I buy their shoes whenever I see a pair I like. My only wish is that they were sold more in stores as opposed to on-line. But I take what I can get, you can’t win them all. Not just all heels and wedge platforms, Michael Antonio also makes many pairs of sensible flats and shorter heels.

This year Michael Antonio was the sponsor of the ‘Soles 4 Souls’ Tour. This tour hit college campuses across the country to talk to them about the ‘Soles 4 Souls’ program, which is a program that donates shoes to those in need. Started after the horrific Tsunami in 2004, Souls 4 Souls had donated almost 15 MILLION pairs of shoes since their conception. They donate 1 pair of shoes every 7 seconds. Since they are a non for profit organization all of your donations are tax-deductible, you can also host a shoe drive at your church or school as well as travel with Soles 4 Souls if that is more your speed.

Michael Antonio shoes have also been added to the list of ‘PETA Business Friends’. This means that they have vowed to not use animal ingredients or products in their goods and have made a pledge to PETA to help stop animal abuse and suffering. So not only will you have a killer pair of kicks, you will truly be practicing ‘Fashion With Compassion’ all around. They have 2 showrooms. One in Montclair, California at 5161 Richton St and the other is located in Manhattan at 156 56th St.

Be Like This Mike…

http://michaelantonio.com/ Michael Antonio Homepage.

http://www.soles4souls.org/ Soles 4 Souls Homepage.

The Guzman Sandal By Michael Antonio Studio.


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