11 May

Every time I  buy my dogs food I also look for a new treat for them. Since I switched them to a vegan/vegetarian diet, I have also had to switch pet supply stores. Since PetSmart does not carry Natural Balance I had to bust a move to Pet Goods. I never even heard of Pet Goods before, they just happened to be the only pet supply store within 20 miles that carried this specific vegan dog food. Now that I have been there a couple of times I am really taking a shine to it. They have lots of vegan and vegetarian dog treat options so my dogs have been loving it over here lately.

This weeks pick was a bag of Fruitables. Fruitables are an organic, all natural, low-calorie vegan treat for dogs. They also have some wet food options but I have not taken it there yet since I did not see them at Pet Goods. I decided to go with the Pumpkin and Blueberry mix since it sounded like a combination I would eat. I was sold after I read the ingredients which are pumpkin, oatmeal, barley, potatoes, canola oil, molasses, blueberries, cinnamon and vanilla. Frutiables are also free of soy, wheat and corn. As well as meat, artificial flavors and preservatives. Once I got home and opened them I noticed right away that they smelled like pumpkin and blueberries, I knew my monsters were going to love them. Obviously they did since my dogs are obsessed with fruits and vegetables. They loved them way before they ever involuntarily went vegan so I am lucky I guess 🙂

Since Fruitables are made by a doctor I feel safe giving them to my dogs, it also makes me feel safe having my dogs on a vegan diet. Assurance is a nice thing when you are doing something ‘out of the norm’. I would never want to jeopardize my dogs health but the more time goes on, the more vegan dog treats I see on the market, so I know I am not the only one making this transition. Fruitables have so many amazing sounding flavors of treats from pumpkin/banana, sweet potato/pecan and pumpkin/cranberry. Their wet food supplements sound great too and once I see them I will buy them and report back. If anyone’s furry friends have tried them, let me know the deal and where you found them.

Fruity Treats For Your Furry Friends. Homepage.


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