7 May

Greenware is a line of cold drinking and portion cups made by Fabri-Kal. These cups are made with plant-based Ingeo polymer not petroleum-based plastics, are biodegradable, made in the U.S.A and all the plant sources they use are domestically grown and annually renewable. They even give locations of compost sites on their website 😉

Every time I get something to go and have to use a plastic cup I cringe. If it is Styrofoam I flat-out refuse (Dunkin Donuts). When I think about all the take out Americans eat daily, all is see is a sea of garbage. There is no way this will ever change until companies start to get REAL about their business practices and ethics. Why BIG companies like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks do not use biodegradable cups and packaging is beyond me. It makes me so mad. And this is CLEARLY NOT a money issue since all the places I do see with plant-based packaging are ‘Mom and Pop Shops’, which make nowhere near as much loot as the fast food monsters do.

Greenware makes it easy to make the switch to environmentally safe plastics, they provide you with marketing and advertising tools and they have done tons of consumer research on their products too. Do you know that 84% of all people will look at your business in a better light if they knew you were using Greenware?

Biodegradable Food (Packaging) For Thought. Greenware Homepage.


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