2 May

Caring About The Strays is a really, really unique and wonderful, not-for-profit rescue group that takes in and adopts out rescued, abandoned and stray cats. They operate out of a resale shop in Westwood, NJ at 80 Kinderkamack Rd. which also operates as a no-kill, cage-less shelter for the lucky cats they rescue. They sell everything from antiques to collectibles and use the profits to run their organization. The best part is the cats they rescue get to live out of a cage while they wait to meet their new family, unlike life at the shelters.

Caring About The Strays is an advocate of the spay and neuter program which helps to eliminate the unnecessary euthanasia that occurs in animal shelters around the world simply due to lack of space. Millions of completely healthy and adoptable animals are put down annually in America alone because our shelters are out of space and filled to capacity. This is why spaying and neutering your cats and dogs is a MUST. There is no need to breed any animal at this day in age, you can adopt ANY type of dog or cat these days, pure breeds included.

C.A.T.S also helps to spread the word about adopting a cat with special needs. They aim to educate the public about cats with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and also Feline Leukemia Virus. These cats can live with other species of animals and will never transmit the diseases to them. Cats with FIV and FLV can live long and healthy lives in low stress environments as long as they are fed nutritionally balanced diets that are free from by-products and other junk. Cats with FLV will transmit it to other cats so if you have cats already adopting a cat with FLV will not work BUT if you don’t have a cat than adopting a cat with FLV is not an issue, they will be fine with dogs and other FLV positive cats.

From time to time C.A.T.S will also have dogs for adoption since they are not the type of people to turn away a furry friend in need. There are adoption applications available on their website and you can see all of their adoptable pets on Petfinder.Com.

Find A Feline Friend 🙂

Caring For The Strays

80 Kinderkamack Rd. Westwood, NJ. 07675

Store Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm.

201-666-5444. Care4Strays@Yahoo.Com

http://www.care4strays.org/ Caring For The Strays Homepage.

http://care4strays.org/cats_for_adoption.asp Cats Available For Adoption. They Currently Have No Dogs For Adoption.

Look How Handsome Hugo Is!! This Domestic Short Hair Is Up For Adoption, He Is Friendly, Affectionate And Medically Up To Date.


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