Restaurant Review: Wild Ginger Pan Asian Vegan.

26 Apr

Wild Ginger is one of the best Asian vegan restaurants ever. Ever. Ever. I am not just saying this because I think all vegan and vegetarian food is the bomb I am saying this because it is the truth. At Wild Ginger they specifically serve Asian vegan, nothing more, nothing less. If you like Asian food then you better get your butt to Wild Ginger, meat eaters too because let me tell you carnies, at this joint you will not be able to tell the difference between their insanely delicious mock meats and the ‘real’ stuff you are used to. In fact most of the reviews on the web are by carnies who went to Wild Ginger with a vegetarian friend and every single review is 4 or 5 stars. I would have to agree 100%.

After a trip to Moo Shoes we ate lunch at Wild Ginger which means we were able to take advantage of their AMAZING lunch special. We got SO MUCH FOOD for such a ‘cheap’ price (were talking NYC here so its all relative, right? lol). We decided to start with the Crispy Soy Protein appetizer which was essentially something in the mock chicken nugget category. It was awesome and the dipping sauce that it came with was to die for, it was some type of plum sauce, delicious. We then both opted for the lunch special which comes with a main dish, miso soup, a spring roll and a steamed pumpkin slice, which was sooo good. I wish I ordered a side of the steamed pumpkin it was so good. So for the lunch specials we went with the Mango Soy Protein With Vegetables in Plum Sauce and the Sweet Citrus Soy Protein With Kale. For $8.50 there was a lot of perfectly prepared food. Both dishes were incredibly tasty and fresh, the vegetables were bright and colorful, nothing bland or wilted about this food. Strictly a perfect vegan lunch 😉

Wild Ginger is a small little place with about 10 tables maybe, the staff is nice and the service is solid. The lunch special runs from 11:30-4:30 EVERYDAY. We actually caught it on a Sunday which was a surprise since lots of places do not offer the lunch specials on Sundays. Their hours are Monday-Thursday 11:30am-10:30pm, Friday and Saturday 11:30am-11:00 and Sunday from 12:30pm-10:30pm. The address is 380 Broome St. NY,NY 10013 and their phone number is 212 966 2669. They also recently opened a new location in Brooklyn at112 Smith St. (between Pacific and Dean) Brooklyn, NY 11201. Homepage.


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