Grandma Bowsers.

23 Apr

I have never seen Grandma Bowsers country oven busquits (for very good dogs) in a store since I do not live in Pennsylvania or Maryland but I did come across them in my search for all natural, healthy dog treats. Started in the 1990’s in Pennsylvania by Grandma Bowser herself, these dog treats are made with the finest ingredients such as whole wheat flour, wheat germ, soy bean oil, black strap molasses, chopped dates and carrots. These particular dog treats are vegetarian not vegan since they do contain eggs and non fat dried milk. They also offer a specific dog treat for older dogs and ones that are wheat free.

Considered to be a ‘granola bar’ for dogs, Grandma Bowers treats can be delivered right to your door since they can be hard to find in stores. You can choose from Origonial, Peanut Butter, Cheese and Bacon (which is not made with real pork just some natural soy flavoring so it is still vegetarian) and Senior Formula which is wheat free. All of these biscuits are enriched with important vitamins and minerals that our furry friends need.

From Grandma With Love. Homepage.


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