Fix Your Face: DMAE Edition.

21 Apr

The next step on the fix your face express is DMAE. If you are using some ‘over hyped’ and ‘under delivers’ type of face products then you have no clue as to what DMAE is. No sweat cuz I was in the same spot not long ago. Now I know all about natural ingredients like DMAE and my skin is in a much better situation then it was 2 years ago. Natural face products are nuts, for real, the improvement I have seen on my own face has been awesome. There is nothing better than spending money on stuff that you KNOW works 🙂

Anyways, back to DMAE. DMAE stands for Dimethylethanolamine. It is a clear to light yellowish colored organic compound that helps to firm and brighten the skin. You will often see it paired with Vitamin C-Ester and Alpha Lipoic Acid in face creams since they tend to all bring out the best in each other. DMAE acts as an antioxidant and keeps our cells membranes intact keeping them stress free allowing them to ward off all the nasty pollution and other junk in the air that can cause out cells harm. If our cells are not full, healthy and ready for war, our skin will look like garbage. Anything that attacks ones cells will have am impact on how ones skin looks, this is why something like smoking ages people’s skin so badly.

DMAE also helps send signals to our muscles by producing acetylcholine. Acetylcholine helps to create muscle tone causing the skin to be firmer and  smoother. It can cause a firmed and lifted look to sagging skin. It is kind of like lifting weights for your face, we all know a toned body can fill out saggy skin, same rules apply to the face. Since there are no side effects to DMAE it is a widely sought out supplement these days, either taken orally or in topical form. I use it in my face creams but I am not opposed to taking it orally. Just be sure you take the correct dosage if you go for an oral supplement.

There are many face creams on the market with DMAE and when you go to look for one be sure DMAE is in the top 6-8 ingredients and that the ingredients before it are not all fillers are junk. Reviva and Derma E both make great options that both have 100’s of positive reviews all over the internet.

This Is The One I Use By Derma E. Derma E Cheap At Vitacost.Com

This Is The One I Use By Reviva. Reviva Cheap At Vitacost.Com


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