Want To Be A Happier Person? Go Vegetarian.

20 Apr
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Happiness Is Being Vegetarian.

Did you know that almost 25% of ALL Americans have a diagnosable mental health issue? Most of these aliments are treated with antidepressants to the tune of 12 BILLION dollars a year!!! 12 BILLION DOLLARS is a lot of coin, and what is even more disturbing to me is all that coin is being spent to give people a ‘chemically enhanced’ sense of ‘happiness’. That is sad. What is wrong with us? Why are we all so unhappy? Is it because we are unhealthy? Or are we unhealthy because we are unhappy? Are the two connected or is it just a coincidence?

Since I think being a vegan or vegetarian is the answer to most of life’s BIG issues, lol, I figured I would see if there is a difference between the happiness levels of veg heads and carnies. What I found out did not surprise me at all. Of course vegetarians and vegans are happier than meat eaters 🙂  Is this not another reason for you to kick the meat to the curb or what?

Veg Heads Are Happier.

– According to a study done at The University Of Arizona, they concluded that vegetarians experience less negative emotions than their meat-eating counterparts. The vegetarians also proved to be significantly less stressed and anxious than the meat-eating group. They are continuing the study to see if this has anything to do with the chemicals in what we eat and how the body breaks them down.

– In the Southwest a study was done with 138 Seventh Day Adventists, half  meat eaters and half vegetarians. Since the vegetarians had lower test scores on depression and better mood profile scores, science is now supporting the fact that switching from a meat-eating diet to a vegetarian diet is not only good for you physically but also mentally.

– A study done at Arizona State University showed that even vegetarians who were lacking in DHA and EPA (think Omega-3’s and other fatty acids that are good for the brain) were not only mentally healthy but significantly healthier than their healthiest meat-eating counterpart. This study actually set out to show that vegetarians could be more depressed than meat eaters and it ended up showing the complete opposite lol.

– Studies show a direct link between nuts such as Walnuts, Soy Nuts and Brazil nuts and lower levels of depression. Since most vegan and vegetarian diets included a healthy amount of nuts, this could be another reason why we are less depressed than meat eaters.

– Eating factory farmed meat has been directly linked to mental health issues in many, studies show.

– Interviews with vegetarians show them to be happier people. This has been linked to them having a more positive out look on life and the world. Vegetarians also feel as if they are helping others and helping the world by being vegetarian, these feelings naturally boost ones mood. Many vegetarians reveled they continue to be vegetarian due to the psychological benefits.

– Wouldn’t you be a happier person if you were a vegetarian too?

Mother Earth

It Keeps Your Mother Happy Too.


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