Tasty Treats Review: Whole Earth Bakery And Kitchen.

14 Apr

Whole Earth Kitchen has been churning out the vegan goodies since 1978. In a city like New York where many eateries come and go, this is a big deal. On top of vegan items they also offer gluten-free goodies, oil-free goodies and wheat-free goodies. Most of their ingredients are also organic.

When we stopped by Whole Earth we were on the dessert prowl and they had a killer selection. From scones to muffins to brownies and pies, there was a whole plethora of vegan goodies to choose from. And to be honest it took us several minutes to figure out what we wanted. Since I am a corn bread junkie we decided to try a piece of that along with a brownie and a ‘snowball’-like treat. The slice of corn bread was pretty big and it was tasty, moist enough but not too moist and definitely not dry. There was a nice corn taste and it was not as heavy as many corn breads that I have tried before. Next we dug into the brownie which was also pretty big. The brownie was amazing, very moist, very chocolaty and very good. One of the better vegan brownies that I have ever tried, you cannot tell the difference between these brownies and the oily, fat and dairy laden ones. Then we finally made it to the ‘snowball’ like treat. This was a round chunk of chocolate cake covered with coconut. Since I am a sucker for all things chocolate and coconut this was heaven for me. The texture of this coconut treat was amazing, it was a bit on the mushy side, almost like a cake batter/cookie dough texture and it was covered with delicious, tasty coconut. It was like biting into a slice of heaven. Those of you who adore chocolate and coconut as I do will love this. I loved the texture so much, it really worked well with the ‘theme’ of this particular dessert and the combination of the crisp coconut pieces was perfect.

Whole Earth has a bit of everything, while we were there they had some vegan pizza slices, some vegan lasagna also a crazy selection of smoothies and fresh juices. Their smoothies seem really popular, several people came in and ordered them while we were sitting there. This place is a bit small but it’s Manhattan so to us, it is normal lol. There are a couple of tables to sit at but many of their items are perfect pick up and go items. Easy to eat while enjoying a nice walk around the city. So next time you are in Manhattan stop at Whole Earth and check it out. Choose a couple of things and see what you like best, according to their almost 100 reviews on-line, you can’t go wrong.

Keep The Earth Whole.

http://www.wholeearthbakery.com/ Homepage.

Whole Earth  Bakery And Kitchen

130 St Marks Place Between 1st and Ave A.

NY, NY 10009



Open Until 10:30pm 7 Days A Week. Free Delivery.
The Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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