It’s All Fine And Dandies.

13 Apr
2009-06-03 - Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe Order - 0029

If You Like Marshmallows You Will Love Dandies.

I thought I would never get my hands on a bag of Dandies!!! I went to Whole Foods 4 times looking for them and they were nowhere to be found, I was just going to suck it up and order them since I have been craving marshmallows something crazy. Then during a trip to Arizona, I found them, bought them and ate them all in 48 hours. I did have some assistance but I know I could have done it just fine on my own.
Dandies are by Chicago Soydairy and basically they are vegan marshmallows. Regular marshmallows have nasty gelatin in them and now that I tasted these puppies I now learned that regular marshmallows also have no taste. These air-puffed pieces of sugary goodness are all natural, gluten-free and made on dedicated vegan equipment in a peanut/tree nut free facility. I cannot tell you how they melt because they never made it that far, we were on vacation and in the car a lot so they got devoured like that. According to the many reviews on-line, they melt just like regular marshmallows. What I can tell you is that these Dandies are awesome. They are not as big as marshmallows we have come to known, they are tighter and tastier. They have the nice sugar dusting on them and they leave a delicious taste in your mouth. They are sooooo good. I am so impressed and cannot wait to get them again and make s’mores and crispy rice treats using them.

Dandies are ”Better For The Animals. Better For You!’. We could not agree more 😉 Here They Are.


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