He’s Got The White Stuff.

12 Apr

Mike White...Actor, Director, Producer, Writer, Animal Rights Activist And Vegetarian.

This next vegetarian is someone I admire very much. I love all of his movies and I love the fact that he stays out of the limelight even more. Mike White is the man behind comedy classics like ‘Orange County’, ‘Nacho Libre and ‘School Of Rock’ as well as ‘The Good Girl’ and ‘Year Of The Dog’ which he also directed. His early television credits include ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and ‘Freaks And Geeks’. Mike White is everywhere and unless you know what he looks like, he usually has a blink and you will miss him part in each of his films, if he even appears at all.

Mike was inspired to go vegan after he befriended a cat he ‘inherited’ when he moved into a new home. This furry friend became his best friend and when his furry friend passed on Mike was left absolutely devastated. His devastation made him realize just how strong his bond with his cat was and turned him into not only a vegetarian but an animal rights activist. He then read a book about animals which further solidified his feelings. Right before he went vegetarian he went to the doctor to get a physical and the doctor actually wanted to put him on Lipitor but Mike decided against it. He went vegetarian and 6 months later went back to the doctor and the doctor was so confused. All of his blood work was perfect, everything had corrected itself. The doctor actually asked him ‘Did I put you on Lipitor?’ Needless to say, he is now vegetarian for health and animal reasons 😉

Cover of

Year Of The Dog.

White and his father competed on the show ‘The Amazing Race’ in 2009 and Mike was super excited to show everyone that vegans can hold their own when it comes to being tough and physical. He also wants to squash the rumor that changing to a vegetarian diet means depriving yourself of things, he knows first hand that eating becomes a whole new world once you go vegan. Mike is very outspoken about his vegetarian lifestyle and has done extensive work with PETA. He also received an award from the animal rights organization for his movie ‘The Year Of The Dog’ which talks about the loss of a pet and the adoption of another.

So here’s to Mr. White a talented guy with compassion 😉


2 Responses to “He’s Got The White Stuff.”

  1. wordswithpurpose April 12, 2011 at 4:43 pm #

    I can so empathize with this post! It is so devastating to lose our beloved animals. After all, they are our “family.” What gets me is when people say it’s just an “animal.” Can we have some compassion please? Anyway, I really am glad to come across your blog! I am a vegetarian too. I just started my own blog and have one post!! I hope you can stop by for a visit. I welcome your comments too.

    • Author April 13, 2011 at 10:13 am #

      I agree with you 100%, thanks for commenting and thanks for starting a compassionate blog!!! I loved your first entry and look forward to reading many more!!! Vegetarians ROCK!!!

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