The Best Honey Ever.

9 Apr

Sometimes in life, somethings are just simply the best. Like Waimanalo Honey for example. This raw, Hawaiian honey captures the essence of flowers and manages to be sweet but not overpowering. It does not taste like any honey I have ever tried in my life.

Beekeepers, Howard and Kim manage about 50-100 colonies of bees on the beautiful of O’ahu. They bottle their own honey and their products are also used several restaurants in Hawaii. The taste of the honey will vary from harvest to harvest depending on which flowers are in bloom at the time. They harvest on a regular basis and besides basic raw honey they also make, Macadamian Nut and Christmasberry honeys.

Their products can be purchased at local farmers markets in Kailua, Mililani, Haliewa and Kapiolani. So next time you go to Hawaii or know someone who is going tell them to pick you up some Nalo Meli Waimanalo Honey. Honey is a great natural alternative sugar and has many medicinal uses.

If you make it to Hawaii bee sure you go to a farmers market on O’ahu. They are AMAZING 😉 Homepage.


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