5 More Reasons To Kick Your Salt Addiction.

8 Apr
table salt

Be Good To Your Body...Go Easy On The Salt.

Americans eat SO MUCH SALT. It is quite ridiculous honestly. The average American eats about 3,500 mg of salt everyday even though according to nutritional guidelines we should be consuming NO MORE than 1,500. It is no secret that a diet high in salt leads to elevated blood pressure which in turn can lead to a heart attack. If you must use some salt always reach for Sea Salt which is not processed and stripped of its positive properties like table salt is. You can also substitute fresh herbs in place of salt as well as lemon juice. Be wary of prepackaged snacks and canned goods they are usually PACKED with salt, always look at the sodium content and check for a salt free or ‘lower’ salt version. At restaurants do your body a favor and do not any more salt to your meal, trust me there is more then enough salt in almost everything you eat at a restaurant. Below are 5 more reasons you should get to kicking that salt addiction…

Side Effects Of Too Much Salt:

1- Cancer- Consuming too many salty foods is linked to a 15% increase in cancer risk. High salt intake has also been associated with deaths from stomach cancer. Salty foods irritate our stomachs which in turn can cause an infection of the bacteria which lead to stomach cancer.

2- Diabetes- Eating too much salt promotes insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes. If you are already diabetic, you are already at a great risk for heart attacks and heart disease. Being a diabetic and having a high salt intake only raises your risks of suffering from those aliments.

3- Sleep Deprivation- Salt raises your blood pressure which in turn leads to sleep apnea. Your body suffers from lack of sleep putting you at risk for many other illnesses and weight gain. High blood pressure can lead to a heart attack.

4- Osteoporosis- Studies show that diets high in salt increase calcium loss which weakens your bones and leads to Osteoporosis overtime. A 2 year study directly linked hip bone density decreases to sodium intake.

5- Dementia- People with higher blood pressure had more abnormal brain lesions over an 8 year study conducted. In fact people with high blood pressure are 600% more likely to develop stroke related Dementia.


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