New Jersey Greyhound Adoption Program.

3 Apr

New Jersey Greyhound Adoption Program.

The New Jersey Greyhound Adoption Program has been around since 1993 rescuing and placing ‘retired’ race dogs in loving homes. Since there inception in 1993 they have placed over 200 greyhounds with new owners. NJGAP is a non for profit organization that runs on donations and volunteers.

They place each of their dogs in homes based on personality, all of the adoptable dogs are spayed and neutered and NJGAP provides lifetime counseling assistance to each greyhound once they are adopted into their new family member. NJGAP serves NJ, NY and PA.

Dog racing is a horrible sport and  many of these dogs will know love and affection for the first time only once they are adopted. Adopting a former race dog is a selfless and admirable act. Having adopted 3 of my 4 dogs, I know first hand how amazingly rewarding it is to see a dog come out of it’s shell after being in horrible situations for years.

Maybe your new bff is a lean, ‘mean’ running machine? Homepage.


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