Read This: Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism

31 Mar

This book is intense, truthful and honest. As a hardcore Veg Head there were definitely parts of this book I could not read. I am not the type of person who has to read about, or even worse, see animal slaughter first hand, I know it happens and think about it all the time. For those of you who eat meat, this will be eye-opening in many ways.

Dr. Joy digs deep into the psychological disconnect that Americans suffer from. The complete disconnect between what we are eating and how it got to our plate. We can eat cows because we do not feed them, walk them or love them as we do our dogs. Heck, we never even see what we eat as a living creature so this disconnect is to be expected. Tolerated? That is a whole other issue. This is not a propaganda book, just brutally honest and factual. It really resonated with me.

According to reviews on the internet, this book has changed many people’s lives. This does not seem far-fetched to me at all. Well written and informative, Dr. Joy hits the nail on the head. For Sale On Amazon. And Red Wheel Wiser.

The Author Dr. Melanie Joy.


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