Dessert For Your Face.

30 Mar

Freeman's Chocolate And Strawberry Face Mask Rocks!!!

Being the facial mask junkie that I am, I had to buy this when I saw it in Harmon last week. Freeman’s Chocolate Strawberry Detoxifying Face Mask. As soon as I saw it I opened it to get a whiff and let me tell you, it smells just like chocolate. No joke. One glace at the ingredients lets me know they are good to go, they use actual cocoa, cocoa seed and strawberry extracts in the mask. And since I already know that Freeman products are not tested on animals and contain no animal ingredients, I was on my way.

This mask has a very nice texture, it is very smooth and silky and it goes on your face with the greatest of ease. No clumps, no uneven drying. While the mask is drying it does not make your skin feel super tight or dried out, it dries in under 15 minutes. It can be tricky to get this mask off since it starts out the color of a Jersey Shore tan and then dries to a shade close to natural skin tone, be sure you clean around your neck and hairline. The first time I washed it off I looked like I had a ring of dirt around my neck and face. So hot. Once the mask comes off your skin will feel firm, clean and clear. This mask did not cause any irritation to my face and it did pretty much what it says it does. It cleaned out my pores and made them appear smaller.

At the end of the day it is really hard to beat ANYTHING chocolate and strawberry, this mask is no exception. Especially since it only costs like $4.00 and it is vegan 😉

Here’s To Dessert For Your Face. This Is The Mask.


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